Sister Kate’s “Gospel Question of the Week (Luke 17:5-10)... Weekend of 10/5-6/2013...27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 5, 2013

Sister Kate’s “Gospel Question of the Week” (Luke 17: 5-10) …Weekend of 10/5-6/2013 … 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time. If I were to ask you what FAITH is, what would you respond? Faith is one of those words that most people know, but find it difficult to put into words. All three readings this weekend speak about "faith” and how it works in our lives. So, what do these readings tell us about faith? The first reading defines faith as “trusting in God and living faithfully.” Faith is presented as hope and steadfast expectation in the face of suffering. In this reading, God assures us that faith is power, the power to live a righteous life in the midst of challenges. I personally like this concept of faith a lot. In the responsorial psalm, God is characterized as a sturdy rock and a caring shepherd…surely worthy of our trusting faith. In the second reading, Paul stresses the need for a living faith…a faith that plays itself out in our everyday lives…not just a heady concept. This is important because “faith without good works is no faith at all!” In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus underlines the “power concept” of faith again. He teaches his Apostles (and us) that “faith is sharing in God’s power,” and when we use it as such it enables us to work miracles in our lives and in the lives of others. Isn’t that something…sharing in God’s power to “work miracles” in the lives of others!!! When we allow God to work through us, there is no limit to what we can do. While the Apostles ask for an increase in the quantity of their faith Jesus reminds them that the quality of their faith is more important. Quality of faith is where it’s at…a quality that shows itself in action! A zealous Christian can speak more convincingly to his or her neighbors about the need for God and an upright life through his or her own daily actions than through explaining religious doctrines. A sincere Christian can find many ways to help to make Christ known…a quiet word, a charitable gesture, an unselfish interest in a neighbor’s troubles can do more good than a series of sermons given by some renowned theologian. There are always people around us who need help. We can help them — God expects it of us. Faith is increased by serving others, not by being served. Our faith is increased when we manifest our love towards others, our family, friends and even strangers. We express our faith best when we love one another! There’s an amusing tale about a group of French prisoners of war during World War II. These prisoners were forced to work in a German munitions factory. Upon realizing that the very bombs they were building were being used to destroy their beloved homeland, they made the decision to create a malfunction in the devices that detonate the bombs. The bombs were designed to explode on impact. But with the changes that the prisoners made, the bombs were "harmless” – no explosion occurred. Puzzled by so many failed attacks, the French government finally conducted an investigation. Upon opening the bombs, they found slips of paper inside bearing these words: “we are doing the best we can with what we've got, where we are, every chance we get.” That would be a good motto for the Church. We can pray until we are blue in the face for God to give us more faith, but God wants us to get into action using the faith we already have. GOSPEL QUESTION FOR THE WEEK: Do you look for ways to strengthen your faith?